Is a dynamic and innovative company with unique patent based products. Canoflect* was formed to enlarge and enhance the branding experience, rejuvenating the stalemate and mundane way the industry has been in for decades. Canoflect* provides countless outdoor shading and indoor canopies with specially designed branding prints which reflects/project logos and art work on to the ground with the aid of the sun for the outdoor experience or electrical lights for indoors.

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In some cases with costumers request our designs will allow more natural light to penetrate enclosed structures thus saving energy.

Canoflect* products enlarge the advertising space coverage and produce a totally deferent experience in space design which is unique to Canoflect*. Giving branding another dimension, making any of our products to stand out creating a buzz.

The materials and production techniques used with Canoflect* products are unique to our manufacturing process. As a result of the materials used and printing techniques the products don’t lose their appearance in harsh conditions.

The company is committed to its customers’ needs with an emphasis on product quality, services and finding creative and innovative solutions to fit customers’ demand.

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