Print. Hang. Reflect.

What is Canoflect?

Canoflect is a dynamic and innovative company with never seen before original patent based products.

Our products will enlarge and enhance the branding experience

Canoflect provides countless outdoor and indoor advertising products that reflect and projects your logo and art work on parallel surfaces with the aid of natural sun light or artificial light.

We invite you to discover visually stunning advertising with our latest products

Projecting Ad Flag

Innovative flags design, have your logo and art reflected onto different surfaces

Triple visual impact-see through flags

Shadow effect-enlarging adverting exposure

Transparent printed design flags


Weather resistant

100% recyclable

Projecting Garden Flag

Transparent printed design flags

Reflects design with the aid of artificial lights and sunlight

Countless projecting design possibilities

Transparent printed design flags

Projecting gazebo

A unique branding product, reflecting logo and artwork on the ground with natural sunlight.
Creating large impact enlarging advertising exposure.

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